Posted: Mar 03, 2010 8:25 pm
by Byron
Ronja wrote:Why does this feel so wrong, both from my current viewpoint and from my old xian one? I have a very strong gut feeling, but not too many or too coherent words to describe it with...

It's not just evangelising (just advertising, in essence), but targeting them for salvation, and treating people as a means to an end. Ironically, trying to bag souls dehumanises the recipient. They're not interested in you, as a person, just your soul. From a Christian perspective, well, depends what type of Christian you are. The liberal sort obviously won't dig it. Not sure about Calvinists. Blasphemy against predestination? The rest, well, milage may vary, tho' if you believe the unsaved roast for eternity, it's immoral not to devote every second of your life to proselytizing.

Or the short version: it's blinking intrusive.