Posted: Feb 11, 2015 8:52 pm
by Goldenmane
Shrunk wrote:FWIW, (and I know I'm a bit nuts):

According to the data provided on Boy Scouts of America's website, their membership declined by 21% between 2000 and 2010 (the most recent figures I could find there). In Canada the drop was 46% over the same period.

Because of the gays? I think you need more data to conclude that.

I can't really think of anyone among my peers, or my kids' peers, who were Scouts. It's just not that much of a thing here. Though my wife was a star with the Girl Guides when she was a young 'un.

My son is a scout. I was a cub. Not quite the same organisation here as over there, but they still have oaths to god (leading to an interesting discussion on hypocrisy, given my kid doesn't really believe in god, but likes scouts enough to hold his hand up and say words). Anyway, the decline in numbers has fuck all to do with allowing acknowledged homosexuals to participate. If anything, it has to do with the rise of information tech. Used to be that if you wanted to know about shit like tying knots and building fires and carrying a knife around, you became a scout. Nowadays you either have no reason to ever think about that shit, you learn (probably wrong stuff) about it in games, or you get on Youtube. Hell, every new skill I've learned in the last 10 years has been available to me because of the Internet.

The fact that someone is homosexual doesn't increase the likelihood that they will prey on youngsters. And allowing acknowledged gay folk into your organisation can only be a healthy thing, because it is suppression that does the harm. If you build a culture in which shit being hidden is the norm. you become blind to the tells. I'm becoming more and more convinced that fucking children has been almost ubiquitous throughout our history as a species, and it's only now that we're collectively realising the harm it entails. Or, rather, our first collective response was to label it "evil" and pretend it wasn't happening. Which is a fucking stupid response to a threat. Pretending the lioness isn't there doesn't stop her eating your face.

I really need to get around to writing that essay.