Posted: Feb 12, 2015 4:04 pm
by Thomas Eshuis
John Platko wrote:
Shrunk wrote:
WayOfTheDodo wrote:This is already the case in some countries. If, say, a politician comes out as anti-gay he's basically given hell by everyone else.

Same here. If a member of the Canadian Parliament or of any provincial legislature appeared in a movie like this, they'd be kicked out of caucus and their political career would be over unless they could make amends. The furthest a Canadian pol can go is to refuse to attend a Gay-Pride event, and even then they'll catch flack.

But this move includes several prominent American politicians (no prizes for guessing which party) including at least two with serious Presidential ambitions. Obviously they seem to think this helps them.

I know the America bashing on this forum can get tiresome at times, but in this regard it is justifiable.

Just remember: hate the idiocy but love the idiot.

Except when you're not a semantic playing Christian bigot.