Posted: Mar 09, 2015 9:28 am
by Goldenmane
Onyx8 wrote:
willhud9 wrote:But then he was a weaver and not a carpenter! Bible was wrong. 10/10 Fact sourcing their Onyx8!

:lol: Iirc, the bible doesn't mention Jesus' profession, isn't it just assumed that because his 'dad' was a carpenter that then he would be too, if he hadn't fallen in with the bad crowd and got himself banged up?

As I understand it, the word used in the original gibberish for Joe's profession doesn't even necessarily translate to 'carpenter'. It's closer to something like 'tradesman', and calling him a carpenter is merely a convention, possibly because the prospect of him being a plumber was a little odious. :mrgreen:

There's no reason to think that Josh would have been a carpenter either, even if Joe had been, since at no point in the stories is there anything like, "And lo, Josh did make a fuck-off awesome dining suite, with those really tricky dove joints and a deeply stylish stain. Then he healed the thumb he'd cut off with a clumsy bit of chiselling, because he was a chippy and those fuckers screw their hands up all the goddamn time."