Posted: May 04, 2015 11:49 am
by iskander
Clive Durdle wrote:French Revolution?

Was the French Revolution the end of religious feudalism? no, not at all. In fact Napoleon was crowned Emperor by the pope as Charlemagne had been many years before him, but this time the Coronation meant very little to anyone.

The papal lordship over the kings of Europe was made possible by the willingness of the faithful to obey the one who speaks for God , and is the keeper of the keys.
The Lutheran reform was the " beginning of the end" . The people of Europe were made free from slavery; heaven ceased to be the private property of the Romans and hell was no longer the personal weapon of the torturer. God escaped from the bottle where the Romans had incarcerated it and evolved from an enslaved genie to the giver of the gifts, for all that and more is what sola fide, sola scripture meant to the reformers.

When did religious feudalism terminate? The end of religious feudalism is the Treaty of Westphalia.
The Treaty declared that the individual sovereign state would henceforth become the highest level of authority; putting an end once and for all to the claims of the Holy Roman Empire. The treaty also declared that the head of each state would have the right to determine the religion of the state, again thus putting an end to the claims of a single church.