Posted: May 08, 2015 1:07 am
by Leucius Charinus
iskander wrote:The story of every religion is best explained by the suspicion that none of the high ranking officers in charge of the affairs of any religious organization believes there is a God .

Not only that but the Holy Story Books of the big three monotheistic holy story book religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) were all officially published far and wide throughout their respective empires by the supreme military commanders at the zenith of their military power. Should stop and make us wonder, shouldn't it?

War is a racket. The monotheistic holy book religions are just spin-off rackets of the racket of war. For the military minded the logistics run like this. In order to maintain large conquered territory, an official codex and a Pooh-Bar of the centralised monotheistic state cult are worth a legion.

iskander wrote:Lies , forgery, violence ... is what sustains every religion and it begins with the scriptures and it goes on from there.

Down from the door (of war) where they all began these utterly corrupt church organisations slash industries (and their CEO's) have perpetuated themselves (business as usual) from antiquity by means of ....

    book burning and
    prohibition of books,
    censorship, and (one of the most vital instruments of deceit)
    literary forgery.

Why don't the ancient historians or Biblical Scholars of the 21st century mention any of this political history?

If there is anyone here who thinks that there is some "Divine Institute" at the origin of these church organisations slash industries now is the time to put up your hand with some evidence in it LOL