Posted: May 09, 2015 10:40 am
by iskander
Nicko wrote:
iskander wrote:Charlemagne wanted to conquer Europe and doing this in the name of the official religion of the late Roman Empire would be a holly convenient thing to do,

Oh, I agree.

It's just that he would not have wanted to appear to be subordinate to the Pope.

He did submit to the pope in a formal ceremony and it must have been understood then that he was the Holy Roman Emperor because the pope had crowned him . In 816 Luis prostrated himself before the pope and was crowned emperor by him.

The pagan emperors of Roma were both civil rulers and religious rulers of the empire ; the emperor was both Imperator and Pontifex Maximus . The papal emperor would be from the coronation of Charlemagne only rex et sacerdos, whose power was derived from the Supreme Pontiff .

Charlemagne behaved during his reign as the master of the pope, but that attitude will be contested by a stronger papacy once the anointing of the emperor had become tradition.