Posted: May 31, 2015 4:49 pm
by iskander
monkeyboy wrote:You fail to explain why upon hearing the news from the Amalekite, David and his men tear their clothes and grieve. If they knew about Sauls death, why do that? Why are they not recorded as denouncing the Amalekite as a liar if indeed the silly story is to discredit the Amalekites? Why would they need to do that anyway since Saul has already,prior to his demise, slain all the Amalekites anyway?

I am not explaining anything, I am only offering one interpretation.
There was the threat of civil war if his right to the throne was contested .The Amelekite was hoping to please David and that was a danger to peace .

David there and then decided to show his pain and to honour the king that had fallen in battle. Until then he may have been calmly reflecting on the next move.