Posted: May 31, 2015 7:51 pm
by tolman
iskander wrote:The story tell the Israelites that to kill the anointed king will never be allowed , and also that no one should ever even think that David is happy to benefit from the death of the king. David is a righteous man.

Well, the story also says that God got pissed off with Saul for his sins, so he got some Philistines to shoot, even mortally wound Saul, who then ended up finishing himself off due to a bizarre dread of other people's dirty foreskins.

Surely a righteous man should have been happy at God doing the Right Thing?

To disapprove is to suggest God did the Wrong Thing, and that a Leader should be able to do anything to anyone, however barbaric or genocidal, without fear of consequence, which doesn't really seem very righteous.