Posted: Jun 04, 2015 1:44 pm
by monkeyboy
One of the functions of pointing out contradictions serves is being able to show the lazy christian, the one who just ticks that box because they were brought up as one by the last generation of lazy Christian, that what they were fed is riddled with errors. In its narrative, in its claims to knowledge and presented 'facts' etc. So so many lazy Christians I encounter who are quick to throw one of the nice, cherry picked bits of the bible have never read it. They've remembered some of the cute bits they were spoon fed at school, Sunday school, church services etc but they are unaware of the garbage it contains and the moral debauchery within.
I find pointing out a few gentle contradictions first is less distressing for them.
I'm loving the recent film genre of bible stories being made for us. The lazy folks lap them up and it's a great chance to point out what has been made up and what the book actually says.