Posted: Nov 06, 2015 5:37 am
by dejuror
Nicko wrote:
Animavore wrote:The real life Jesus of the likes of Ehrman is far more cohesive than the usual myther Jesus which usually relies on some conspiracy. Or they say Apollo and Zeus aren't real, why Jesus? But Jesus doesn't do anything too spectacular and most of his miracles are of the type claimed and believed by contemporary cult leaders today. Add in a When Prophecy Fails-type scenario and you have yourself a plausible story.

Richard Carrier has some plausible scenarios too, but who really knows? I can't agree mythers are denialists like creationists. Even if some of their rather elaborate theories are a bit of a stretch. I don't think history is subject to Occam's razor in the same way as science.

I'm slightly familiar with Carrier's view on this topic.

I agree that it seems unreasonable that, given all the "sons of God" who died and were resurrected that were floating about in the local mythology only to be Euhemerised at a later date, we should simply believe that Jesus is the one who actually existed.

Which Jesus actually existed?

The one in the NT?

Jesus of Nazareth in the NT was born of a Ghost and was God Creator.

There is NO other Jesus of Nazareth who is documented to have ACTUALLY existed by any contemporary writer of antiquity.

HJers are in DENIAL.

They argue that their Jesus was an OBSCURE character while using Tacitus Annals 15.44

Tacitus Annals does not mention or identified any OBSCURE character called Jesus of Nazareth.

HJers MUST be denialists.

THEIR HJ is undocumented in and out the Christian Bible.