Posted: Dec 04, 2015 12:33 am
by Leucius Charinus
proudfootz wrote:
Leucius Charinus wrote:The fields are also different. Evolution is in the field of science. Anything to do with Jesus is generally recognised to be in the field of ancient history. The theory of evolution is framed according to the scientific method. Any theory of Jesus is framed according to the historical method.

Actually, many mainstream theories about Jesus are framed according to bible students.

Yes it's true that Biblical Historians use "church dogma" as if it were historical evidence.

It remains to be seen whether bible study can be absorbed by historical methodology. :coffee:

The relationship between Biblical Historians and Ancient Historians is provided quite clearly by one of the foremost ancient historians of the 20th century Arnaldo Momigliano when he writes:

    --- Arnaldo Momigliano, 1987

    Chapter 1:

    Biblical Studies and Classical Studies
    Simple Reflections upon Historical Method


    Principles of Historical research need not be different
    from criteria of common sense. And common sense teaches
    us that outsiders must not tell insiders what they should
    do. I shall therefore not discuss directly what biblical
    scholars are doing. They are the insiders.