Posted: Feb 15, 2016 7:13 pm
by tanya
lpetrich wrote:There are stories of divine paternity of people whose existence that we accept: Pythagoras, Plato, Alexander the Great, and Augustus Caesar. So we can treat Jesus Christ's alleged divine paternity as comparable to theirs.
There are three main source of Jesus mythicism that I've seen. Let's see which ones involve conspiracy theories.

Do you engage in research in Physics in this manner? I have never before met a physicist or mathematician who thinks the way you are expressing yourself.

First, what crap. Obviously the mythical, antihistorical nature of JC is not in any way similar to the lives of Plato, Alexander of Macedonia, or Augustus Caesar. All of them are attested to, in non-religious, utterly sectarian, i.e. objective, rather than subjective, texts and trinkets, of the era in which they lived. Alexander has entire cities named after him, not to mention, monuments, coins, and statues.

Second, The MAIN source of the life of Jesus, is not coming from any of the parties you have referenced, but rather from the gospels. Use the gospels if you seek to learn about the nature and identity of JC.

Which of these two sources would you recommend to a novice interested in learning more about recent studies of black holes, confirming Einstein's theory of gravitational waves:
"...even light beams would bend downward and time would slow in a gravitational field. "
B.P. Abbott et al. (2016) Observation of gravitational waves from a binary black hole merger. Physical Review Letters. Vol. 116, p. 061102.

or: (1950)
The tomb encloses a bubble of darkness ... [like] those lank black spots far out in the galaxy which some scientists have dreamed are holes in the continuum itself, windows into the infinite outside our universe!

You wish to offer criticism of the theory, then you need to focus on the texts employed by the theory.

The theory that Jesus of Nazareth is myth from top to bottom, is based exclusively, on the gospels. Everything else, comes from those texts, particularly the "epistles" of 'Paul'.

Claiming "conspiracy theories" as the origin of the theory that JC was a mythical construct, is obviously false.

That JC was a mythical creature is found in the first verse of the first chapter of the first gospel.