Posted: Feb 15, 2016 10:34 pm
by RealityRules
lpetrich wrote:
RealityRules wrote:
What do you mean by " ...everything after him was real"?

That a Christian Church existed after the first century CE, and also many of the people documented in it. "Everything" may have been an overstatement.


I think it's possible the Christian narratives had their genesis in the early-mid 2nd century, and it's possible that the Catholic Christian Church did not sprout until the late 2nd century or until the 3rd century. The Christian Church certainly existed after the times of Constantine & his Council at Nicea in 325 AD/CE (the 1st Ecumenical Council). In 331 AD/CE, Constantine supposedly commissioned Eusebius to deliver fifty Bibles for the Church of Constantinople; but, even then, some key doctrine was not fully finalized until the 2nd Ecumenical Council: the First Council of Constantinople (381) and beyond.

I think it's possible some, several, or many of the characters in the NT-narrative are not real; and some, many or several are based on 2nd century people.