Posted: Mar 14, 2016 1:39 am
by dejuror
kyrani99 wrote:I believe that Jesus was a historical figure, a prophet, for two reasons:-
1. some of the statements he made require great insight, eg "the kingdom of heaven is within you",
2. Mohammed talked about Jesus and did not believe that he was crucified.

Your belief is irrelevant since you have zero historical evidence for your Jesus.

We already know that billions of people believe Jesus existed without evidence.

kyrani99 wrote:
I think a lot of what Jesus said was distorted and rewritten by many but most particularly by Paul.

The so-called Pauline writings are a compilation of fiction.

Writers under the name of Paul claimed they received information from Jesus after he was resurrected.

Such claims are a pack of lies.

In effect, the Pauline writings have no credible historical evidence for Jesus.

Those who argue for an historical Jesus are in denial--they never ever had any evidence.