Posted: May 11, 2016 12:30 pm
by ScholasticSpastic
duvduv wrote:
Anyway, does your wife have any opinions about the holes in the traditional Mormon narrative, or any opinions as to why she should follow Brighamism more than the Reorganized group or the fundamentalists??!

A lot of these sects retain a fair bit of residual sexism from the 1800s. While mainstream Mormonism still has a way to go, it's a lot less sexist than most of the other versions. My wife identifies as a feminist, and so it makes sense, just from that perspective, that she'd be mainstream LDS. But I think it really comes down to what religion you grow up in, just like with any other flavor of religion. She grew up mainstream LDS, so that's the one she "knows" is correct. For that matter, it's the one I believed in when I was a child, as well. Except I've always had issues with authority and the LDS church is chock full of authority bullshit. So I didn't even make it to baptism (aged eight).