Posted: May 11, 2016 1:29 pm
by ScholasticSpastic
duvduv wrote: Maybe she should read that book I mentioned.

:lol: Maybe she should. But I'm not about to recommend any books like that to her. I'm in a position where I feel like I've found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with- regardless of her religious beliefs. Exposing a person to criticism of their religion, or overtly causing them to think critically about their religion when they don't want to, can have unintended consequences. It can feel like someone's trying to take something from them. I don't want my wife to have that feeling about me. We have an unspoken agreement that we will not attempt to convert each other.

In the event that her own explorations should cause her to question her faith I will be quietly overjoyed. But the most I feel comfortable with right now is the quiet subversion of being a good person without a god. ;)