Posted: May 13, 2016 7:12 am
by crank
The LDS made two radical shifts in recent years, the move away from polygamy and the acceptance of blacks. Both driven by the outside culture, which is usually what drives any religion to adjust it's dogmas and creeds, adapt or die. Changes in the fundamentals of a religion can shift quite far without undermining the whole edifice, the edifice isn't usually all that coherent to begin with. The 'strictures' of a faith are far more elastic than any adherent would believe, or admit. The changes tend to unfold over considerable time scales, but, as in the LDS examples, the outside culture was at odds with theirs, and most of the members likely were already assimilating the changes long before the church decided it had to change its official creeds and dogmas. In order to undermine a belief system, there must be contradictions serious enough to do this, but those exist in abundance already in most any faith, a swiss-cheese edifice perceived by believers as solid granite. Each of the different sects has their own subset of the holes that it refuses to perceive, perceiving only the holes not mutually in both. So the 'other' is unholy because they're holey.