Posted: Jun 03, 2016 7:31 am
by crank
Rachel Bronwyn wrote:

Gay people have been marrying and having kids with straight people sinse their sexuality was marginalised and they were expected to play straight.

I understand this, it makes me feel extremely sad though, because a lot of those probably had the feelings I have or close to. It's actually quite horrifying. Kids today are so much better off than my generation, but fuck, you wouldn't have to go very far back to see far worse than my generation, and of course in cultures all over the place and time. Like for the fundies and evangelicals, it would be a nightmare. It can twist the mind into extreme homophobia or lead to suicide. For me suicide would be a hell of a lot more likely than having kids. In some ways I'm glad there were some who could make that work, but I doubt many were happy, like this guy Pearson, who I too have no ideas who the fuck he is. It seems a terribly empty life even with having kids you love.