Posted: Jun 03, 2016 7:59 am
by Rachel Bronwyn
It sounds like he's had a pretty charmed life save the homophobia he was born into and maybe the otherwise perfect circumstances of his life made denying his sexuality tolerable. He had a job he liked and kids he loved and his faith and community. Even he didn't manage doing so past his mid-thirties though.

I hope he doesn't lose all those things as a result of coming out. A large chunk of the christian community will reject him but more christians than ever are taking the same stance that he has - that there is no conflict between being gay and being in gay relationships and practicing christianity. They'll stand by him.

If not, it looks like one of his band's songs, despite being Christian rock, did crack the Billboard top 200 so he has the option of pivoting and recording and performing secular rock. Is that a thing? Secular rock?