Posted: Jun 05, 2016 12:33 pm
by scott1328
crank wrote:I never played straight when I was growing up, in a small farming town in Texas in 60's and 70s, you can imagine the environment. No going along with how great a girls boobs were, or how I wanted to fuck that, no prom, no dating. But then, I wasn't the most social of people by a long shot, that's, I guess, the, or a, reason I didn't really even feel the pressure to do these things, I was already an oddball anyways, those were just more ways making me feel different. I had no desire to conform. That's all so I can say I can't understand how anyone gay, without any hints of bisexuality I should add, which I have none that I can detect, could marry and have sex and multiple children. I don't think I could get that drunk, which is the only way I see it happening, that or quaaludes or something similar, those are sorta the roofies of earlier times for you youngsters.

I'm in no way criticising anyone who can and have done this, only remarking on how strong the feelings of revulsion are in even thinking of doing such a thing. Sorry ladies, nothing personal, but you're all revolting, at least in that way :cheers: . Any other gays think more or less this way, or how many could you get married and have children? This is probably different for guys vs woman, that's just my guess.

No revulsion, just no attraction.