Posted: Jul 26, 2016 6:04 pm
by kyrani99
Fenrir wrote:
kyrani99 wrote:
pelfdaddy wrote:. It would be nice to isolate some of those variable for a change, and just get a straight-up righteous healing without all the pesky doctors, nurses, and pokey things.

This, I believe, is not so far away.

I look forward to that glorious day, when those cruelly inflicted with nasty imaginomas can be routinely cured by non-professionals beaming happy thoughts.

Those that see the body as a machine and therefore think that "nasty imaginomas and happy thoughts, which do nothing, are stuck with medical system.. the cut, paste, fry and marinate solutions. :crazy:

Those that see the body as being purpose-driven, i.e., beliefs that cause negative reactivity or what is medically known as the nocebo effect (but played down of course because there no money in waking people up), are able to discharge the negative ideas realizing they are a hoax and not in the class of beliefs, replace them with positive ideas and thereby enable their body to return to resting metabolism (happens because of homeostasis) and thus health. :grin: