Posted: Jul 27, 2016 2:42 pm
by kyrani99
pelfdaddy wrote:Kyrani99,

Please think of me as a friend when I say that, while your idea is certainly interesting, please try a doctor as a back up should you ever come down with anything serious.

If not for you, then for your loved ones.

I am talking from first hand experience. I have been able to ward off many health problems that would have killed me. And the doctors are hardly back up. When I had developed bowel cancer (one of many cancers) some toxic doctors claimed that when I needed to go to them they would butcher me, and I doubt they were simply talking about removing organs. But of course they needed me to go to them. As it is I can deal with all health problems myself. And cancers were not the only things that were tried.

They have outlawed experiments on the nocebo effect and trivialized experiments on the placebo effect. They start talking about Hitler and the doctors he had employed to do experiments on the Jews. This is garbage. A person can be caused to react as to develop a cancer the size of a pea, enough for a positive diagnosis. And then shown what they had reacted to, i.e., debriefed and see that the cancer is gone away. That way they can be put into the driver's seat with respect to their own health. I would hardly suit the medical industry as there are no profits to be made.

My loved ones support me 100%. :grin: