Posted: Oct 27, 2016 11:00 am
by Blackadder
Sendraks wrote:
Fenrir wrote:Have the catholics ever been progressive? About anything?

In a competitive market place, brand identity is everything and you want your consumers to reinforce that. I can understand the Catholic church setting down clear markers about what is Catholicism and what isn't, otherwise they'll just be indistinguishable from everything else and that leads to the flock straying. "Why be catholic, when I can get the same benefits with the Anglicans?" The Catholic Church is saying that a) their way is the only way to get said benefits and b) their way is specific in these respects.

Plus, as others have said, if you get to charge your flock for internments and all that jazz, you've got yourself a nice little earner but also send a clear message that yours is the "premium" way that delivers. The cheaper options just don't get you the same results.


There's a saying in conservative circles: "The people like the smack of firm government". I think there's a similar feeling among the followers of the RCC (muslims too). A feeling like, if this guy made the entire universe, he's not some lovey-dovey cosmic hippy. He's going to be one big, scary, arrogant, dangerous bastard and we'd better bow and scrape and live in fear of him. It's like abuse victims locked in an endless cycle of emotional dependency on their abuser. The RCC has figured out how to abuse its victims AND charge them for the privilege. It's the most brilliant criminal business model ever invented. The Mafia are amateurs next to this lot.