Posted: Nov 16, 2016 5:16 pm
by solazy
NamelessFaceless wrote:The ones who approach you are a little harder to ignore, but really, there's no reason to engage them. It's a waste of time. If they come at with you things like "if you died tonight would you go to heaven or hell!?" you can just brush if off with a simple "false dichotomy" or something, but then keep walking.

The Presbyterians engaged me with that argument. Where do you think you go when you die?
My answer: When I die, my body starts to decompose. I have requested cremation. Some of my atoms will go up into the air while others will go down into the ground and become worm or plant food. I will know nothing of it in the same way as I knew nothing before I came into this world.

They want you to stop and ask questions. Don't do it. I made that mistake once. (Well, more than once, but we'll ignore that first time since alcohol was involved). There's a popular restaurant here that always has a long wait outside. Street preachers like to stand across from it yelling at the people waiting to be seated but they ignore the strip club right next door. Mr. Faceless just had to ask, why are they shouting us when we're just trying to eat when the "real sinners" are over there. That guy kept us there for 45 minutes explaining how he came to Jesus before finally answering the question - that those guys over there know they're sinners because they run inside and shut the door. Those of us waiting at the restaurant don't know we're lost because we're just sitting outside. That's why he targets us. Bottom line - they had a captive audience at the restaurant but not at the strip club. :facepalm: That's 45 minutes of my life I'll never get back. But you can learn from my mistake.

That's a very honest description and I take comfort from it. Yes it is a mistake to engage with them because it seems they hold all the aces. Belief is more powerful than non belief. I was very irritated recently when walking through a crowded town centre to hear a guy using a microphone to get his evangelical message across. I am talking about the centre of Birmingham. This is the hotspot of religion in the UK. It is not unusual to find Christian evangelists and Muslims yelling out at passers by and only yards away from each other. It's like a fevered sales pitch. Sooner or later they know they will make a hit even if most people do ignore.