Posted: Nov 20, 2016 11:30 pm
by don't get me started
Japan doesn't really do public religion. Occasionally you'll see some kind of Christian group standing outside a station with a flag or poster or something, but the acolytes usually just stand there holding a copy of the book that they are pushing, waiting to be approached.
By contrast, I was in Korea a few weeks back and I went out in Itaewon in Seoul. It's a very bustling nightlife district with bars, clubs, restaurants of every variety and the red light district that used to cater to the soldiers form the nearby American base. (Now closed I believe.)

A Korean man, toting a bible, was walking among the crowds of Friday night hedonists bellowing, in English, about lakes of fire, burning torture for eternity, repent, all the rest of it. Real hell fire and brimstone stuff, at a deafening volume and in a pretty aggressive tone.

The blank faced entitlement to bellow vile threats to people in the street that this fellow projected was just symptomatic of the corrosive effects of true faith on both the reasoning and social skills of individuals thus ensnared.

Completely ignored by the throngs of revelers.