Posted: Nov 25, 2016 11:42 am
by solazy
surreptitious57 wrote:
solazy wrote:
Wow! You ve found the very place I was talking about in the shopping centre of Birmingham. I have to walk close by
to get between train stations. There is a big bookstore within yards which puts me off going there too often. On one
occasion a lone woman evangelist and the Muslims were trying to drown each other out. In the image it looks like the
beards are being told to tone it down a touch

All that area is completely pedestrianised which makes it ideal for street preachers. But they generally
will not engage you unless you do first unlike the chuggers who have to because they want your money

Yes, that place also used to be a chugging hotspot and I remember getting involved in a heated argument with one of them once. Remember that the preachers are also after your money, but not in the direct debit sense. Nobody should ever divulge their bank account or telephone details, but vulnerable people do so unfortunately. I guess any part of a major city is a nightmare. While Birmingham is a great city that corner of New Street and High Street is to be avoided.
While walking through a pedestrianized zone in another town I was told I would burn in hell if I did not believe in God. I reported that incident to the council but It probably fell on deaf ears. This begs the question as to what is burning in hell? Is it my body, after cremation? Shouldn't be. Is it my soul? But that isn't combustible.
So what are they talking about?