Posted: Jan 14, 2017 5:44 am
by Leucius Charinus
DavidMcC wrote:
Leucius Charinus wrote:
DavidMcC wrote:... I think duvduv just has an excess of skepticism about well-established history.

The only problem with that is - in the case of the conflict between the preservers of the "One True Jesus Story" and the preservers of the "Other Fascinating Jesus Stories" - the "well established history" was assembled by tax exempt officials of the "Nicene Church Organisation" and its descendents. They and their "history" are likely quite corrupt.

An historical narrative without underlying historical evidence is to be questioned.

Especially given that it consists largely of church dogma and other related church propaganda

Archaeological evidence is highly regarded but where is it?

Archeological evidence for what?

The "Nation of Christians".