Posted: Jan 14, 2017 3:43 pm
by DavidMcC
RealityRules wrote:Perhaps you might like to discuss your (and others') smug assertions there.

Smug assertions?! What ARE you talking about. :scratch: I am an atheist, but I am pretty sure that Roman repression would have been resisted by many of the various politico-religious sects, and Historical Jesus is as good a name as any for one of the leaders of that resistance. What he actually said is what is lost, thanks to Constantine, because that emperor had his own agenda, which was to re-write the early christians' rebellious religion (which can't have been like any version of the bible) so that they would not be so rebellious, but "turn the other cheek", as the real Jesus probably didn't say.
It is an historical fact that Constantine had trouble with the early christians, and that he converted to christianity in order to control them, and re-write their religion.

EDIT: It is also a fact that the Romans wanted to build a temple in Palestine, and make the local people pay for it. Hence extra taxes were levied, sparking resistance from the taxed. Surely you don't deny THAT bit of history as well?