Posted: Feb 12, 2017 1:00 am
by monkeyboy
Dark energy wrote:
monkeyboy wrote:
Dark energy wrote:it is part of Gods plan,might be he has something in store for them as for hell,it is satan that is dragging them to it,.

See, not even that bit makes sense.

Why would Satan, a fallen angel, cast out from heaven do God's work? He's supposedly the master of evil etc and rules over hell, torturing the sinful for eternity but have you stopped to consider if that makes any sense? Surely hell ought to be like party central for the wicked. If it truly is satan orchestrating all the bad shit and recruiting people to his dastardly ways, why would he torture them in a lake of fire for doing his will? They'd be his guys, the more twisted the better. It doesn't make sense for him to torture people who did what he wanted.

But, let's say that he is there, just as Alighieri described, punishing the evil. Doesn't that make satan an agent for god? Wouldn't satan be doing gods work by punishing the wicked? Is satan God's Luca Brasi? Is that it? God can't smite any more because of rainbows but he uses Satan to do his wet work?

we are talking about two different satans here,we are on completely different wavelenght .satan never tortures people in hell,he is alive and in his planet earth making sure to mislead people,to turn them away from god,satan himself will be tortured in hell along with the humans who follow him.

And you know this how? Is there evidence for satan anywhere or is this just a näive explanation someone came up with for the bad shit people do in their lives. They couldn't be personally responsible or there be a perfectly plausible chain of life events that led them to behave the way they do? No, just cut to the chase and blame satan. Unbelievably moronic!