Posted: Apr 13, 2017 4:24 pm
by monkeyboy
The whinging fuckers are getting all pissy and pious because Tesco, a supermarket, announced that due their great offers on beer and cider, Good Friday just got better. Before that it was blathering on because Cadbury didn't mention Easter in their TV advert. So they got offended? Why can't they just forgive people who trespass against them like Jeebus said in his prayer? Why do they have to fucking whine all the time. I'm not fucking interested in what easter is about like shit tons of other people. It's a couple extra public holidays, a bit of disruption to traffic and shop opening hours but most of all, it's another excuse for a party weekend and more chocolate. If beer's on offer, I want to know about it. Heard all that crucifixion shit before, not interested but if there's cut price ale, get the posters up.
The other thing the silly cunts have achieved by their bleating is for Tesco to be able to withdraw the ad and have it upgraded for free to a news item, still attracting publicity for them for free. Result for Tesco. Own goal for Christian whingers who just come across as, well whinging, maungy fuckers.

news story about grizzling, moaning, humourless, toss as twatting on about their sensitivities getting all butthurt by a beer advert here