Posted: Apr 14, 2017 12:42 am
by Dark energy
monkeyboy wrote:
Dark energy wrote:
Alan B wrote:It's because the stoopid Christians haven't a clue what their Jesus was teaching when he said "turn the other cheek".

Same goes for the Muslims who claim Jesus is a major prophet - Isa. Sod "turn the other cheek", kill the unbelievers.

Two things
There is no way to verify jesus said "turn the other cheek" or the whole bible for that matter.

Koran never said "Kill the unbelievers",what is said was "Fight against the unbeliever",this command is specific to that time in which minority Muslims were prosecuted by Meccan Pagans and polytheists .

There's also no way to verify the illiterate child rapist ever said that either. It's just oral tradition written down many years after he allegedly flew off on a winged horse :crazy:

illiterate isnt an insult,the fact that an illiterate man can come up with a masterpiece like the Koran speaks volumes.
i have seen the C.R label thrown around in these forums but i see nothing wrong in that halal marriage,it can be easily justified.

The marriage happened 1400 ago, not today. At that time, their marriage was not considered unusual and the proof is that the enemies of Muslims at that time did not criticize this marriage. They attacked prophet Mohammad on many issues, yet they didn't criticize his marriage to Aisha.