Posted: Apr 14, 2017 3:42 am
by Dark energy
Is that a fact? Are you sure Muslims don't believe that God came up with the Koran, but left the actual writing to scribes shortly after Mohammed's death?

if mo was a writer,poet etc,people would easily dismiss his claims and say he was a learned person,but everybody knew he couldnt read and write,yet he came up with a complete book full of eloquence,rare style and full of signs.the only way he could do that was through revelations by god.

Oh, well, I guess child rape is fine then. And this has no implications at all for the eternal and infallible divine revelation of Allah as revealed in the Koran through his messenger Mohammed then.

you have to understand,1400 was a long time,people matured fast.9 year old at that time is equivalent to 18 years of modern age.