Posted: Apr 21, 2017 1:51 pm
by PensivePenny
Crank, I'm not so sure. A multitude of apologists have proven that enough verbal gymnastics can change entire meanings. Surely, there is an argument that "God's law" consists of nothing but the ten commandments... no more no less. "God's law" could just as easily be considered a moniker for that codified list of "thou shalt nots." If so, "God" could just as easily be argued to be symbolic of good just as many are now arguing satan is not a fallen angel, rather a symbol of the evil in man. The whole idea of the "son of God" certainly becomes more palatable or believable. I'm not making these arguments, but I am suggesting that strictly defining God and God's law and the foundation the old testament is to christianity is a convenient target for atheists and a liability for anyone trying to construct a religion impervious to attack (like so many apologists do). To me, attacking the old testament resembles a strawman argument, one that christians could avoid and save themselves some grief. There'd be a whole lot less twisting and warping of words to defend christianity I should think.