Posted: Apr 21, 2017 2:39 pm
by PensivePenny
theropod wrote:Then your church taught/believed something that cannot be considered Christianity. I am sure you will find the New Testament states quite clearly that the Christ is consider the Lamb of God, which represents the unblemished sacrifice required to antone for our sinful nature, which was established according to the Old Testament notion of original sin, and the required type of sacrifice.


You're conflating "original sin" with our "sinful nature." Man has a sinful nature, sure (according to the bible). What is in dispute is that a child is born carrying the sin of his/her father. That didn't come along until long after Jesus purportedly died. It, like much in religion, is a man-made construct, passed down through tradition, accepted as the "truth."

Your argument that the church in which I was raised isn't Christian is fallacious, no true Scotsman. Many protestant religions don't recognize the Nicene creed. Christianity in it's purest form, is a philosophy that follows the teachings of Christ. Just because some interpret it differently than others makes them no less Christian.