Posted: Apr 21, 2017 4:14 pm
by PensivePenny
Theropod, you make it sound as if there is only one interpretation of the bible. I'm not the one arguing the bible. That would mean I hold a position that the bible means this or that. I'm merely pointing out that what you insinuated is a rock solid argument that inextricably binds the old and new testament, is already denied by many many christians out there. You don't buy it, that's fine. It's your prerogative.

The church in which I was reared isn't fringe like Jim Jones. The comparison is ridiculous. Why do you think some church's teach infant baptism and others don't? The purpose of baptism is to wash away the individual's sin. Many, many churches, perhaps even a majority, teach against baptizing infants/children because they are innocent. The exact opposite of what I understand "original sin" to mean. Perhaps you have a different definition. Myopathy in what does or doesn't qualify as "christian," isn't very useful especially when comparing one interpretation of a mythical text vs another interpretation. It's akin to arguing Batman isn't a real super hero because his only super power is that he owns a utility belt. lol.