Posted: Apr 21, 2017 5:15 pm
by PensivePenny
Thomas Eshuis wrote:
PensivePenny wrote:Crank, I'm not so sure. A multitude of apologists have proven that enough verbal gymnastics can change entire meanings.

That's not changing the meaning, that's changing the interpetation.
And unless those apologist can provide evidence that their interpetation is the way it was intended by the biblical authors/god, they haven't got anything to go on.

Isn't that just it? Most DO provide "evidence" inasmuch as can be derived from a fallible collection of translated and cherry picked ancient scrolls. Certainly, some fall flat on their face in the attempt. One can "divine" almost anything from anything.

I watched a recent discussion AronRa had with someone claiming that Adam was the serpent all based on the scripture that said "Now, Adam..." as if he were bouncing back and forth between man and beast. AronRa didn't buy it, but the interpretation was based on some perception whether or not we agree with it. If we placed the same emphasis on the Holy Text of DC comics, we may divine the very essence of who Superman was. When it comes to the bible, the quibble is no less meaningless.