Posted: Apr 21, 2017 5:34 pm
by PensivePenny
Alan B wrote:I think that when Jesus 'confirmed' the laws of what we call the Old Testament, he was trying to placate the priests and temple elders. They could see that the followers he was gathering meant less followers for them - and that their revenue was falling.

The later writers of the Bible used this 'confirmation' (out of context) in order to justify including the Torah as part of canonical law. Since Christianity, being a new religion with which to control the populace, seemed to have no 'built-in' laws derived from the teachings of Jesus, adding the Torah (with it's 'built-in' laws) became quite convenient. :think:

I think your comment has much validity. It is certainly a viable consideration. They might have stoned him on the spot if he'd said anything different. There is such a huge disparity between the old testament and Jesus' purported teachings that it really hard to reconcile them, imo. It's reminiscent of Mohamed's abrogation as a means to reconcile his own contradictory teachings. The recognition that the old and new didn't jive did not elude Jesus or Mohamed. They just used different approaches to fix it.