Posted: Apr 21, 2017 10:27 pm
by PensivePenny
Thomas Eshuis wrote:
All people have done is point out that Christians who dismiss the OT are cherry-picking the bible. IE choosing which bits they want to follow.
And no, not all Christians do that, especially not with the OT as a whole.

Well, we can argue what constitutes "cherry picking" now. All Christians cherry pick. I understand what you're saying, what I'm trying to get YOU to see is that even if the "Nicene Creed" is the metric whereby you are defining "orthodox" or non-cherry picking christians, I'm trying to show you that not all christians believe and accept the Nicene creed. Not the metric you want to use? Fine. Choose one. They all exclude some "norm" or "orthodox" for another culturally accepted form of "Christianity." It is wholly relative to the culture and the accepted set of beliefs chosen to define it. Purely subjective. Study how the Nicene Creed came about. You'll see how each facet of it only exists at the exclusion of some other belief. They cherry picked that particular tenet. So yeah... they all DO cherry pick.

Again, the person who raised the whole No True Christian thing, is you, not me.
I never, at any point, suggested or claimed, cherry-picking Christians aren't (true) Christians.

Review the thread. You were the first person to write "No true Christian." I did write "no true scotsman" in reference to something said by theropod.