Posted: Apr 22, 2017 12:45 pm
by PensivePenny
Thomas Eshuis wrote:
Again, there's such a thing as Occam's razor.
Again, you started this thread with the question of whether the NT mandates believe in the OT.
You have been given examples of text where the prophet, apostle, etc. literally says that all the laws of the OT are still in place.

Yes, I HAVE been given examples. Thank you. Much appreciated. And "literally" is a moving target, open to (re)interpretation when it comes to the bible. It's a fool's errand to seek objectivity in general... it's especially true in seeking an objective bible interpretation. Or is that (re)interpretation?

If you're unconvinced. That's fine. Your prerogative. Fighting about the meaning of the bible is as silly as arguing who'd win in a comic book hero fight. One of us here accepts that there is no right answer to that imaginary fight, but can find mild amusement in the mental exercise... until the exercise becomes dominated by those certain there is only one possible winner. That's when I walk away.