Posted: Apr 25, 2017 4:25 pm
by John Platko
PensivePenny wrote:
Thomas Eshuis wrote:
Except that you don't unilaterally get to declare what is and isn't rude and pretend it's all my fault.

Holy shit! We finally agree on something!

Here is what happened:

1) I had a suspicion that you and I were going to descend into an argument.

2) I didn't want to fight.

3) You badgered me to engage.

4) I implied I just didn't want to, chalking it up to miscommunication or personality conflict.

3) You badgered me more to engage.

4) I implied more strongly I just didn't want to.

3) You badgered me more to engage.

4) I finally tell you explicitly I had no intention to engage you.

5) followed by yet more badgering.

6) When a child keeps asking "why, why, why..." you either tell them why or you perhaps punish them or whatever.

7) So, I told you why. I felt you were rude.

8) Meh, you do whatever you want with that bit of information. It isn't for me to say.

BUT!!! I have explicitly stated that I placed NO BLAME!! Listener, talker... two people... And you and I "not gelling" as I stated way early in the thread is precisely the definition of NOT placing blame.

But, you will see this interaction your way. I will see it mine. I seriously doubt either of us will tweak our perspective. Am I the only one that sees the futility here?