Posted: Jun 22, 2017 2:33 pm
by NamelessFaceless
laklak wrote:Escambia? I know two, Alabama and Florida. They border each other, which is kind of strange when you think of it.

:lol: I know, right? Seems like someone in the naming committee of at least one of those counties could have raised a hand and said "hey, you guys . . ."

Anyway, this is a big story around here. Everyone is praying and shit. Even our local journalist, who is an atheist, is mad about it. ... 415978001/

But still, if one cross is allowed here, why not more? Why not everywhere? In this opinion piece I just posted, the author claims the cross is hard to see because it's a big park. That may be true, but it's completely visible from the water because it's near the boat ramp, so any one boating by will see it. Plus there's a city street on the other side, so anyone driving by can see it.

I'm just surprised it took this long for someone to finally object.

The judge left the door open for the city to sell the parcel of land to a private entity, because that's been done before. I hope that doesn't happen here though.