Posted: Jun 23, 2017 3:48 pm
by Scot Dutchy
The_Piper wrote:
laklak wrote:Escambia? I know two, Alabama and Florida. They border each other, which is kind of strange when you think of it.

It's interesting. Maybe that area was called Escambia before the state lines were drawn up?
Maine's state route 11 ends at the New Hampshire border, where it becomes N.H. state route 11.
Maine has 2 Sugarloaf's, 2 Frenchville's (both in the same county, one is a section of Ashland with a "welcome to Frenchville" sign, and the other is it's own town.) Multiple Long, Crystal, and Grand Lakes, 2 Grand Pitch's (waterfalls) within a couple miles of each other. Plus probably many other repeats that I don't know about yet. :)

Did they have trouble with orientation? I mean maybe someone was told there are falls nearby called Grand Pitch's and when he came to waterfall he thought this must be the Grand Pitch's and called it that. Maps were not too great in those days and there was not probably many around to correct it. It has happened in Europe in the lease densely areas. Most mistakes have been corrected though.