Posted: Jun 24, 2017 12:59 am
by Tracer Tong
Thomas Eshuis wrote:
Tracer Tong wrote:
Thomas Eshuis wrote:
Tracer Tong wrote:

Here's some dictionary definitions of 'preference':

the act of preferring.
the state of being preferred.
that which is preferred; choice:
His preference is vanilla, not chocolate.
a practical advantage given to one over others.
a prior right or claim, as to payment of dividends or to assets upon dissolution.
the favoring of one country or group of countries by granting special advantages over others in international trade.

Please tell me which definition you have in mind, then support your assertion that you gave your 'preference'. My preference is that you do this with quotes.

I get that you might get titilated by this type anal nitpicking of inconsequential things, but I've no interest in enabling you.

Providing you realise that your views disagree with the facts, you can think what you like.

I cannot realise something that hasn't been demonstrated...]

It was demonstrated in the dictionary definitions (quotes) you ignored.