Posted: Jul 21, 2017 8:37 pm
by pelfdaddy
When I was a (cough**choke) preacher--sigh--I frequently engaged in the sort of sweeping generalities that Craig emits. I would blithely fling over the pulpit such pompous effluence as "Modern Man thought that in divesting himself of God , he had freed himself from all that stifled and repressed him", and on and on and on.

Once you have shackled your mind to a fable, you are forced to ignore science, history, anthropology, and every other robust means by which we have mined the hard-won knowledge we now possess. Volumes of Christian writing, actually thousands of books and sermons, are based entirely on false generalizations of the kind mentioned above. Preachers and theologians call it "research", but they are merely making shit up on the fly, concocting myths and junk theories about the flow of history and the workings of the cosmos, the motivations behind political movements and human institutions.

The concurrence of all this theological sewage flowing freely and unchecked through ages of secular tolerance (or outnumbered secular submission) creates a general narrative with which preachers just continue to agree, feeding the gyre with fresh "information" with every book, sermon, pamphlet, posting, and ark museum display.

Morality is written upon the tablet of the human heart, the Amorites were wicked, Christian faith was necessary for science to arise, and Nineveh could not have been discovered without the Bible. All of this must be true because it allows other narratives to make sense, which allows the apologetics to function.

Craig doesn't assert these fallacious claims because he has discovered them. He does it because they just make sense to him.