Posted: Sep 21, 2017 8:30 am
by dochmbi
I've heard many Christians tell me that life has no meaning without God. I'd like to ask a different question that I surprisingly I didn't find threads on as I googled.

What meaning is there to this short, insignificant life in the face of an eternal hell or heaven? The only thing I'd be doing is try and get myself a guaranteed spot in heaven (selfish) and try to get as many other people (altruistic) into heaven as well.

Given that I believe that only this world exists, only this life, I take care to enjoy it fully, to embrace life in all it's sides. I've found myself getting transcendental experiences swimming in the ocean, watching a sunset, jogging really hard, meditating, loving and having sex. My life has plenty of meaning and I realize it may all be over soon.

So, help me out here, give me some perspectives to my question. Thanks.