Posted: Sep 21, 2017 12:24 pm
by Thommo
I doubt it, people don't deal that way with any other things with serious consequences, from driving while drunk, to improper skin care in the sun, to reckless casual sex, to saving for retirement. It takes a huge amount of prompting to get people to behave strictly according to their future needs, especially when something is entirely outside their experience.

Furthermore, it depends entirely on what is required to "get into heaven" in that person's belief. If what's required is accepting Jesus love and repenting your sins (which whole swathes of sects would claim as orthodox) then living a good life isn't even a part of it anyway, it's just part of what a Christian is asked to do, not a requirement for eternal life.

Now, it might be that very few Christians have self-consistent and satisfying answers to any and all such questions, but we'll never know if we sit here and speculate about it ourselves.