Posted: Sep 21, 2017 1:49 pm
by SafeAsMilk
Scot Dutchy wrote:
SafeAsMilk wrote:
Scot Dutchy wrote:Heaven and hell where is the evidence?

It's almost like you're trying to provide evidence that you don't know what the topic or the point is every time you parrot this statement. It never has anything to do with what's being discussed. Does the word "if" not translate or something?

What are you on about?

I'm on about exactly what I said, in plain English.

You cant say 'if'. By saying that you are creating something that does not exist so why bother unless you have evidence.

You can say "if", it happens all the time. It's the entire point of saying "if". You aren't creating anything, you are saying "let's work under the assumption that this is true for the sake of argument". Science does this all the time.

Makes about has much sense as saying; 'if the moon was made of cheese'. A completely worthless statement.

If you were trying to determine what the results would be if the moon were made out of cheese, it would be completely worthwhile and sensible. You could see if the moon being made out of cheese would give you the same results we observe in real life (we don't), and you could see why a person would assert that the moon is made out of cheese. The latter is the purpose of the thought experiment in this thread, stated about as clearly as can be: if we accept that heaven and hell are real, what are the results, and what does it say about the people who want heaven and hell to be real? That is the topic of the thread. Not a single person here thinks there's evidence for heaven or hell, to state possibly the most obvious thing in the world.