Posted: Sep 27, 2017 7:59 am
by Zadocfish2
Animavore wrote:Wiki suggests that rape has been seen as a crime through much of antiquity and, interestingly, when Christianity came along the early attitude was that women who get raped must've somehow been asking for it, an attitude which persists.

Not comfortable googling this subject. Hope I don't get flagged.

Huh. Research shows me that there are anti-rape laws in the code of Hammurabi. And in Egypt. Actually, it turns out sleeping non-consensually with a virgin was always considered a punishable offense in near-East cultures, and was considered a horrible taboo in ancient North American tribes due to the involvement of women in all matters of daily life. Also everyone also had laws against adultery in general. Hm. I was straight-up wrong about that. Sorry.

The human sacrifice point still stands, though. It happened once, against orders, in Israel while in other cultures it was a regular, accepted thing to do.