Posted: Oct 03, 2017 12:57 am
by felltoearth
The next book for my book club is Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin.

I open up Ratskep today to see an old thread resurrected and amazingly – AMAZINGLY – find this quote of the book post by VazScep (incredible similarity to "Ratskep" don't you think?)

VazScep wrote:

Anyway, here's a very opinionated paragraph from the last novel I read, which I totally agree with:

I've always felt that the greatest and most beautiful stories in the history of humanity were not sung by wandering bards or written by playwrights and novelists, but told by science. The stories of science are far more magnificent, grand, involved, profound, thrilling, strange, terrifying, mysterious, and even emotional, compared to the stories told by literature. [...] The creation myths of the various peoples and religions of the world pale when compared to the glory of the big bang. The three-billion-year history of life's evolution from self-reproducing molecules to civilization contains twists and romances that cannot be matched by any myth or epic.

I'm taking it as a sign to dedicate my life to science.